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Jumping for Success: Instagram as a Springboard

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing social network used by millions of mobile users. It has an interesting web interface but still it is lack of many options, which, for instance, can allow users to engage with their followers easily, so, it cannot be used as an independent social media marketing tool as many other social networks can (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) But developers don’t stay still and create new Instagram tools (Gramfeed, Statigram, Unfollowgram, Instafy, Folowgram, Copygram, INK361) for improving users’ work on platform. These advanced Instagram tools will help you:

-       explore you Instagram ranking;

-       use the radar of influential Instagram accounts;

-       apply for your detailed Instagram stats and analytic information;

-       engage your followers;

-       receive Instagram rankings reports from your mobile device;

-       communicate with other Instagramers;

-       and even improve your photo experiences.

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