Author: Silvia

Sep 26 2020

COVID-19 Affecting Ammo Availability

2020 has been a banner year for gun sales. In March of this year, gun sales were up to a record three million guns purchased since March of this year. The FBI, says it ran over 3 million background checks alone in June of this year. The major reason for the surge4s in gun sales […]

Sep 22 2018

Is Instagram The Best Social Media Platform For Promoting Online Casinos?

Introduction Online casinos have consistently found ways to reach more users by boosting their social media platforms in an attempt to grow their services. There is a major debate within the casino industry as to whether Instagram is the best social media platform for promoting online casino services. As casinos look for new ways to […]

Sep 07 2018

Instagram Using Casino Tricks To Get You Addicted

With the increased popularity of online casinos, Instagram and other popular social media platforms are using the same tricks live casinos use to get you psychologically addicted to using their apps. They are also trying to ingrain the use of their apps in the minds of users. Natasha Schüll, who is the author of a […]