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Sep 22 2018

Is Instagram The Best Social Media Platform For Promoting Online Casinos?

Introduction Online casinos have consistently found ways to reach more users by boosting their social media platforms in an attempt to grow their services. There is a major debate within the casino industry as to whether Instagram is the best social media platform for promoting online casino services. As casinos look for new ways to […]

Sep 07 2018

Instagram Using Casino Tricks To Get You Addicted

With the increased popularity of online casinos, Instagram and other popular social media platforms are using the same tricks live casinos use to get you psychologically addicted to using their apps. They are also trying to ingrain the use of their apps in the minds of users. Natasha Schüll, who is the author of a […]

Nov 20 2017

Vaping Find A Home on Instagram

Vaping is a hobby that many people love to take up for various different reasons. Some people see it as a way to escape the clutches of nicotine and the hold that cigarettes have on society and the health of the general public. Others see it as more of a form of expression or a […]

Nov 20 2017

Most Popular Accounts on Instagram 2018

5. It shouldn’t be any surprise why Kim Kardashian-West made our list at #5. Not only does she have 104 million followers, but her photos never cease to embody the ferocity of her personal style and sense of fashion. Simply put: she’s the Contour Queen of Instagram, and always delivers a blend of laid-back sweetness […]

Nov 20 2017

Tips for Running an Instagram Account For Your Business

An Instagram account is an excellent resource for a business, and the key is effectively running the account. This can be accomplished more easily by following certain helpful tips. The focus of the account should be placed on the solution, not the product. This provides customers with value in the form of engaging content. When […]