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Nov 20 2017

3 Years Since the Instagram Purge hit Major Celebrities

In 2014, Instagram did a major ‘user cleansing’. This user cleansing, otherwise known as the “Instagram Purge” removed automated accounts in the social media app. Most of these accounts are self-operated bots that have different purposes. These bots may artificially increase someone’s social media following, promote products through spamming, or worse, perform phishing and other […]

Nov 20 2017

Most Popular Accounts on Instagram 2018

5. It shouldn’t be any surprise why Kim Kardashian-West made our list at #5. Not only does she have 104 million followers, but her photos never cease to embody the ferocity of her personal style and sense of fashion. Simply put: she’s the Contour Queen of Instagram, and always delivers a blend of laid-back sweetness […]