2020 has been a banner year for gun sales. In March of this year, gun sales were up to a record three million guns purchased since March of this year. The FBI, says it ran over 3 million background checks alone in June of this year. The major reason for the surge4s in gun sales are three-fold:

  • In and election year, gun sales always go up for fear that newly elected candidates will help spur greater gun legislation making owning a gun more difficult.
  • People, after the many public riots after the George Floyd death in Minneapolis and the many cities that made efforts to defund or significantly change the way police departments operate, have greater fear for their safety.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular the hoarding of cleaning supplies, masks. hand sanitizers and toilet paper put the fear in many people that their home safety was jeopardized if things get much worse.
  • Some residents, noticing the increase in squatters during the pandemic, particularly of semi-vacant second or vacation homes, feel that its good to have a gun to protect themselves.

With a record 3 million guns purchased just this year, the end result may be good for gun sales, but troubling for those wishing to obtain ammunition for their guns.For example, the executive in charge of the South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance reports that whereas in previous years they were selling 300 to 500 rounds to customers, in the beginning of September of this year, they were forced to restrict sales to a single box of ammunition due to the limited amount of ammunition available.Many gun ranges and gun sales establishments now have similar restrictions. In fact, Brian Phelps of the South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance says his guys sit all day at their computers working with ammunition supply companies, and as soon as they become available, regardless of the price, they hit the buy button. Many manufacturers blame the shortages on the lack of available parts such as primers form Asian manufacturers in locations such as China. Fortunately, for the home customer, one company that seems to have plenty of ammo to sell right now is Amopile.com. Ammopile has plenty of 5.56 Nato ammo in stock and by going to https://ammopile.com/rifle/223-rem, there is plenty of 223 Remington rifle ammo in stock as well. With Ammopile, which is a shopping comparison engine for gun owners to track and uncover deals on their favorite types of gun ammo, whether it be for rifles or pistols, buyers can buy as many as 1,000 rounds at a time.Ammopile works with 16 different ammo stores, so buyers interested in ammo of a certain caliber don’t need to go to numerous websites to find the availability of their ammo needs. A word of caution, due to shortages, don’t expect to pay $200 for a thousand rounds like a few years ago. Today, a thousand rounds will typically be a little over $700, but that’s everywhere nowadays.But as for availability, Ammopile may be the first place you might want to look online.

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