Everlasting wars: Instagram overruns Vine with “more personal” Explore feature

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Video Wars: Instagram vs Vine with new Explore feature

Instagram never stops making our life better – or at least it says so. Everything gets personalized today – Google search, Facebook ads, etc., so Instagram also introduces a bit of personalization into our life: its Explore page from now on is designed to give priority to pictures and clips gathering likes from people who you follow, that is whose taste you recognize as a standard. Instead of offering you typical stuff shared by everyone around the world, like “share-it-all” Vine does, Instagram “explores” your preferences and adjusts its search to meet the requirements you have and satisfy your own taste.

One of the Instagram co-founders, Mike Krieger, dropped a hint on Facebook so that people knew where to look for changes. He invited Insta-lovers to visit the Explore tab and see how the developers teem integrated feeling of personalization into it.

Instagram itself invited its fans to feel the difference: the service explained that it aimed to make the Explore experience custom-made, and also to make globally popular stuff and the content which liked the people you follow both equally visible on the page.

In the middle of 2012 Instagram redesigned its Popular tab into Explore page which was equipped with a very useful feature of search through pictures by hashtags and by opportunity to look for particular users. However, videos and pictures offered to users were still selected in the basis of their rating, that is, how many likes and followers they got. As a result, pictures found through search featured sunsets, breakfasts, coffee and cats, oh yes, and celebrities, definitely. In other words it hinted you what to like, instead of ask you what you like (sorry for a pun) and to offer the content which would be of real interest to you.

Now Instagram has fixed it so that you could enjoy the things you truly appreciate. So, if you prefer fine arts, then you will be offered photos of the latest art exhibition,   or say, if you indulge in sports, you’ll be provided with the unbelievable images of a record-beating jump or run. Or follow your neighbors and you will see the most unexpected shots from the last Friday party, perhaps featuring your own face. It is very fresh, interesting and truly personalized.

The personalization of experience in this case is the best way to attract followers and warm up the audience. Previously, as the content was the same (Explore demonstrated the same pattern of about 12 photos out of 300 in top rating to all users in the world), only those who managed to squeeze into this selections, became stars of the Instagram. Now personalization allows discovering more and more new “talents” in the network of your favorite accounts.

Here is the point at which Instagram and Vine diverge.  Instagram makes life and photo-styling easier, while Vine requires its followers to have a good deal of skills and talent to make a truly worth looped video. Instagram offers photo filters so that everyone could make art, Vine provides the ground where truly gifted creators may demonstrate their sense of timing, editing and ability to come up with excellent ideas.

Usually Vine is made on a basis of some home-born situation, yet in Vine’s Explore->Popular Now page it is possible to see real gems of cinematography – whether sports feats, talent contests or brilliant video sketches. Today it is hailed as perhaps one of the most captivating parts of the Internet with its brief yet impressive video clips.

If we look at the situation in more general aspect, than Popular on Vine and Revine option help to discover talented creators, professional or not, from all over the world like Youtube now does it, and Instagram goes the other way and prompts you to look for talents in your own neighborhood and promote them  by  liking their posts.

This village-style kind of support may also bring the undiscovered photographers to Explore page in its global part.

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