iPad Retro: a Powerful Instagram Viewer for the Apple Tablet

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Retro Futuristic: cool picture viewer of Instagram for iPad

Instagram has inspired invention of may apps, yet actually it does not have its own app for iPad viewing.  Third party developers smartly used the available niche and offered their own viewers for tablet PCs. The most popular ones are Pictacular, Iris App and Padgram, however good things are never enough. So a developers’ team of Singapore, Tiny Whale, decided to have a piece of this cake too, and came up  with refurbished their own viewer Retro for Ipad.

This rebooted version now sold in App Store is considered to be one of the best viewers in its category.  It may be successfully used by ordinary Instagram lovers and by those who need good tools to use Instagram for business/advertizing purposes.

Retro was first offered to users in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia in general. Its particular advantages are different viewing modes and availability of notifications about arrival of new likes or comments. This is the feature most Instagram viewers for iPad lack. Jason Dinh Ba Thanh explained that they would later add push notifications too. The app goes free, yet additional features like several accounts and images download function come with upgraded (paid) version.

The app offers three patterns of viewing: single column, imitating Instagram itself, grid pattern and mosaic, close to Pinterest, with separate pictures coming to the forefront and thumbnails making the background.  The latter is the most popular view, according to developers. The app has statistics feature, which allows you to see how many likes and comments you get (it is especially beneficial for SMM promoters).

As Louis Nguyen, the designer of Retro says, iPad screen offers a whole lot of opportunities and many viewer apps simply do not utilize them. Besides, a user may have greater number of needs that simple viewing and this should be taken into account too.

Retro is designed to be understood and used intuitively with a typical set of   gestures, like pulling down to close the app or swiping to move between pictures. Now it is freely downloadable from App Store.

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