5. It shouldn’t be any surprise why Kim Kardashian-West made our list at #5. Not only does she have 104 million followers, but her photos never cease to embody the ferocity of her personal style and sense of fashion. Simply put: she’s the Contour Queen of Instagram, and always delivers a blend of laid-back sweetness with posh extravagance. We can all safely admit that whether she’s walking around in sweatpants or posing in Vivienne Westwood, our girl makes a statement- and what’s more Instagram than that?

4. We can’t have a top 5 anything without including Beyonce, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. With 108 million followers, Queen Bey is still taking social media by storm. Every selfie on her account gives us that spark of awe and determination to light our inner fire, and we couldn’t be any more obsessed with her for it. Our year with Bey has been one of pure royalty and joy- from Lemonade to the Carter twins- making us feel personally included every step of the way. In short: we’re slain.

3. When we picture an Adonis of the 21st Century- someone who is both exceptionally athletic and drop-dead gorgeous- our obvious choice is Cristiano Ronaldo (and it seems most of the world agrees). With 115 million followers to his name, Ronaldo continues to entice us. Every kick, jog, sprint, and lift keeps us scrolling for more, while his family-centered selfies can melt even the coldest of hearts. And that smile? Enough said: he’s the whole Instagram package.

2. With 115 million followers, Ariana Grande just can’t stop delivering cuteness with realness. Whenever she posts a video from one of her shows, it’s like we’re there with her (like, literally on stage). Every photo translates to one simple yet profound statement: shine like the star you know you are, even if no one else sees it. We will, Ariana, and we’ll never stop loving you for it.

1. What can we say about Selena Gomez and her 129 million (incredibly loyal) followers the world hasn’t already covered? Well, we can start by expressing how incredibly ethereal her photos are, her indescribable fashion sense, and the all-around inner love we have for the girl-next-door with an attitude. Whether she’s posting photos of her on-set shoots or letting us glimpse into the everyday ongoings her personal life, we’ll continue to follow whatever she decides to share.

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