SketchVid: animated beauty from the ham-handed artists

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SketchVid: New Tool for Rookie Animators and Painters

Perhaps everyone once in a while wondered how the art masterpieces are created, yet very rarely we had an opportunity to watch the process in reality. Now developers of iOS Apps have definitely decided to make their childhood dream come true and came up with SketchVid, an amazing app which allows not only seeing how the miracle is born but also creating pretty nice animations for Instagram.

All is simple: you draw all over the photo or just outline its shapes, or even draw from the scratch (if you are lucky and have a gist for it), the app records the strokes as they appear under your pen (or rather stylus) and turns them automatically into a 15-second clip, your key to fame.

As one user said, she was no good in writing with stylus over the iPhone touchscreen, not to mention drawing. Yet with help of SketchVid and having sacrificed the picture of her favorite actor for that purpose, she was able to make a rather close-to-life portrait, with very little time and efforts wasted.

If you do have talent, SketchVid will help you to impress your followers twice, by the great panting itself and by sharing the intimate details of creative process. On YouTube it is possible to see how pictures are painted, and on Instagram SketchVid is used as a tool for education and marketing, as brief videos allow showing the long and assiduous work in a nutshell, fascinating with the result. SketchVid will be equally of interest for adult artists and for kids, who might enjoy fun finger-painting animated and eternalized for the generations yet unborn.

Creators of SketchVid are two app developers from Toronto, Saeed Ghaferi and Arfan Chaudhry.  Once Saeed drew a pretty good sketch and shared  it with Arfan. The latter did not believe that Saheed was such a straight-handed artist. Then it occurred to them that this issue might interest other people around – how all these pictures are born? So why not create an app recording the process of mobile painting as a video and facilitate it with option of drawing over an image?

Instagram was selected as a platform because of its current popularity. This network for pics and video sharing now is the world-wide art gallery accessible for everyone ready to submit their artistic works for international judgment. So newly shot workshop videos will definitely find its audience.

Actually there already exist apps for recording video of sketching, yet Saeed and Arfan aimed to make app precisely for Instagram. The app fits the video into square format, and immediately conducts animating operations, cropping the video to 15-seconds length.

SketchVid is available in both free and paid iOS versions, the paid version being premium one and offering extra tools and other bonuses. Now the app work quite good, yet the improvements are still to come so that to provide video of higher quality. Android owners will also be able to enjoy the app, as Andro-version is under development.

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