When Instagram Meets Google

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Instagram and Google: Best Friends Forever

Can social networks have accounts in social networks? – Yes, they can, it is because they want to get truly social.

Not a very smart joke, yet it is true. It is believed, that on the occasion of celebrating the 40th jubilee of the Rubik’s Cube, Google has officially opened its account on Instagram.

Right now the account features only one video, it is a Vine dedicated to Google Doodle, and thus it may be qualified as a kind of regram post (no, in the sense of technical details it is OK, though). Well, hope with time Google will acquire more original Instagram-ing skills.

The opening of the account was announced on Twitter, and currently it has about 5,000 followers all over the world.

Why people follow anyone, be it celebrity or brand account, on Instagram? They usually want to get a more realistic and close-to-life view of their favorites and to see it through informal window of occasional snapshots now and then. Google, if we like it or not, is a global future–changing project, from Google Glass to smarthome concepts.

Google has changed significantly from the moment of its appearance. From a small startup with big ambitions in the 90s the company evolved onto the technological corporation influencing ways of thinking and actions of users around the globe.

If Google developing team can allow peeping into their daily kitchen and make more    understandable the ides they preach, then Google will get closer to that idealistic message it made at the very beginning.

Besides, it looks like the idea of Google+ as a social network is virtually dead, so Google has no reasons to argue with Facebook and to avoid joining Instagram and growing its audience there.

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