Yet Another Hybrid: TunePics, or Soundtrack for Instagram

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TunePics: Music Network for Instagram Lovers

Have you ever wondered how Instagram may sound? Well, the developers of TunePics definitely did and as a result this new app (or social network, or both) was conceived. Imagine a chain of Instagram images where every picture is assigned an appropriate song, and a specific mood aka emotion is also attached. Feast for ears and for eyes, that is. So here you meet TunePics.

This new iOS app allows attaching songs to every shared image. Song are “borrowed” from iTunes (35 millions of song on offer), they are not full length versions, but rather previews.  If the song mixed with a picture would impress a user to a degree that he will be willing to purchase it in Apple store, then TunePics will get its commission fee for sales promotion.

TunePics Godfather is Justin Cooke, the founder of innovate7, a creative agency, and the app was technically developed by AKQA, another innovation agency of London.

Cooke expressed hope that everyone will enjoy this treat for eyes, ears and soul, cinematic manifestation of human life and with everlasting soundtracks to accompany it.   Using TunePics is like skimming through Facebook’s auto-play features, yet here you also get the music.

However, like it or not, the song preview feature has already made many celebs the proponents of TunePics. Among subscribers of this innovation one can find   Airbnb, Asos, Dazed, Kate Bosworth, Jamie Oliver,, Paul Smith, and some others.

TunePics uses its own marking system, it allows indicating your attitude to the picture you see and a song you hear not through a smile or like but through a color scale, so called “emotion wheel”, ranging from “sad” blue to “happy” orange.

Photos can be edited through a set of filters, like weather effects (sunshine, snow, rainbow or double rainbow). The mini-network is equipped with standard functions like liking and commenting, and also allow‘re-tuning’ liked images into their own accounts/feeds.

The reaction people show towards the images you provide is carefully recorded, so you can see anytime whether they are “happy”, “moody” or “joyous” while listening and viewing your stuff.  Developers actually see TunePics as a large-scale indicator of what people feel all over the country at a given moment.

There are already similar projects, like Mupix of UK or Snippit, but TinePics is unique in a sense that it allows seeing people’s feedback. And celebrities among subscribers, of course.

Besides, TunePics may have additional promo function (although perhaps unintended) – if many people like a song, retune and finally buy in a mass, then it will definitely hit the top of charts. So we will see. And listen.

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